Inspiring South African children in Mooreesburg

Laerskool Dirkie Uys

Mooreesburg, South Africa, 8th of December 2015.

In december itโ€™s summer break in South Africa, so most of the children of the schools were already on vacation. One of the teachers of the school Laerskool Dirkie Uys of the very small rural town, Mooreesburg (90 kilometres north of Cape Town) with 1 traffic light and a population of 13,000 people, Susan Myburg asked me if I would pass in the morning to share all the words that I was sharing with her during โ€˜ Braai โ€˜ (South African Barbecue) with the children of her school.

It was an amazing experience to inspire these young bright spirits. As my first time as a โ€ host speaker โ€ I told many stories about how the life is in Europe, writing the chalk board full with essential things in life. About to believe in themselves, knowing there is no straight way from A to B, to discover their talents and to develop it. And most of all, doing the things which makes you happy.
I talked to them in Dutch, there are quite similaries between Afrikaans and Dutch.
Making some funny jokes like that we in Belgium eat horse meat but not in South Africa.

Their smiles, their Oooohs and their glazing eyes, made my 2nd day in South Africa.
From that point and also of the valuable input of my South African friend Bea Volschenk I started to change my mindset towards people and life, as well as my attitude.

PS: I wrote this message at 2:50 a.m., so I might forget a lot of other important details or forget to mention or say thanks to others,
But I am from that day untill now still very greatful about this kind of opportunities and memories, thanks to Bea Volschenk, Emmari Volschenk, Elsa Volschenk, Conrad Volschenk, Susan Myburg, Anja Myburg, I had this great life changing experience.